What Is Your Favourite Nigerian Proverb?

Nigerians are known for having a way with words. Some say that the Naija wisdom is hidden within these words. Today at Naija Viral, we are reflecting on our favourite Nigerian proverbs – the ones that truly represent the spirit of the Naija people. To honor Naija pride, we want to ask our readers what their favourite Nigerian saying is and share it with one friend to brighten their day!

Nigerian laughing

Which of the below best represents the Naija spirit?


A man does not wander far from where his corn is roasting.


A rat is not born a rabbit.


A tiger does not have to proclaim its tigritude.


A traveler to distant places should make no enemies.


A tree does not move unless there is wind.


A tree is best measured when it’s down.


A tree is known by its fruit.


An old man is there to talk.


Fine words do not produce food.


“Give me a push from my back” does not mean give me a hunchback.