Want to get a high-paying job in Lagos? These are the 3 degrees you should study for.

We are not going to make that joke about the mental state of Lagosians, but if we were, we’d recommend that anyone who is looking to hit it big in Eko should maybe consider investing in a Psychology degree. If you’ve ever encountered an average Lagosian, you’ll agree that it is an extremely important degree to have. Moving on from the lame attempt at comedy, Lagos is a place where opportunities run on its roads looking for who to grab, so making it here is not really conditional on your course of study. But if we were to choose the top three, we’d recommend the following.

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1. Medicine & Surgery

Did you hear about that broke doctor? Yeah, we haven’t either.

There is a reason why Nigerian parents of yore used to pressure at least one kid in the family to get a degree in medicine. Back then, the parents just wanted bragging rights of having a doctor kid, and they also knew that as long as human beings lived, they would need the services of a doctor, ergo their child was set for life.

In Nigerian universities, it will take you about 7 years to get a degree in medicine and surgery, and because of the benefits that await you after graduation, the years are worth it. You will save lives and make money.

2. Computer Engineering

If you do a little research, you will find that Lagos is booming with tech startups. I can boldly say that these techies have brought Silicon Valley back home to Lagos. There will always be a need for computer programmers, website designers and maintainers, app creators and other techies. Lagos is the digital capital of Nigeria, and as such anyone looking to make it big in the computer engineering field should consider investing about five years.

3. Petroleum Engineering

This one is rather obvious, isn’t it? Nigeria’s economy is largely dependent on crude oil, therefore that is where most of the money is. Right from the eighties when so many people became rich overnight because of the oil boom, this course has remained popular in Nigerian tertiary institutions till date. The prospects of getting oil money should be enough motivation for anyone looking to study petroleum engineering. You could get a degree in this field in just five years.

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