The smartest car window cleaner in Nigeria

22 May 2016 – Abdulahi Olatoyan models himself on the Sapeurs of the Bacongo. He takes pride in his appearance and delivers his service with style. After dropping out of Ilorin University in Ogun State, Abdulahi took to washing car windows as a means to raise money to start his own business.

Wearing a bright polka dot suit and red velvet bow tie, Olatoyan says he would one day like to return to school and finish his studies. In the mean time, pictures of him cleaning cars has gone viral and he has been offered a job at Nigerian clothing company OUCH. The label’s designer Uche Nnaji has offered Olatoyan the job of “style doctor” at the company, as he believes he has the personal style and panache to raise the bar and deliver a superior service to clients.

Abdulahi Olatoyan car washer


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