Should Siasia Have Prepared Team For Loss?

12 August 2016 – The Super Eagles team lost 0-2 to Colombia, even though they finished on top of Group B and now progress to the quarter-final of the Olympic football tournament. The statement that shocked many of us is that head coach, Samson Siasia PREPARED his team for defeat.

In his own words, “First of all, we prepared ourselves for defeat before we played; the reason is because the boys know they have qualified and so they thought they will play under the shadow of Colombia forgetting that the team they want to play will come with a lot of seriousness to qualify.”


“As far as I am concerned, with the quality of the match I saw yesterday, Colombia was very desperate but in their desperation, their techniques were better. Our boys played very well yesterday as far as I am concerned but what the Colombians did was to make sure that our boys couldn’t breathe their defence and so it was our assumption that whether we won or we didn’t win that they were going to qualify and we have qualified. But it was a very big mistake, because when a team has a winning streak it would give them more confidence, so, the idea of trying to lose to favour”

The real question is whether or not the Super Eagles can bounce back and chase the Gold Medal. What do you think?