All you need to know about Mall for Africa

Mall for Africa is Africa’s global e-commerce solution. It’s a platform where Africans can purchase items directly from international online retailers – companies that, otherwise, would be inaccessible to the African population. This post tells you all you need to know about Mall for Africa.

Mall for Africa operates a patent app, platform, and payment system which give users access to hundreds of US and UK e-commerce retailers and more than 8.5 billion products combined. The secured payment system employed by Mall for Africa enables people in Africa to shop directly on foreign e-commerce sites, select whatever item they want, and buy it instantly online.

The item is then shipped directly to their home or can be picked up at any of their local pickup stations within days. Before Mall for Africa came into existence, most Africans could not purchase directly from US and European sites.

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The patented platform manages every aspect of the order and return cycle, offer customers a simple, secure, and convenient solution to online shopping from some of the best brands in the world – with new sites added every month.

Presently, Mall for Africa operates in the fastest growing economies in Africa – Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. They plan on expanding to other African countries. Launched in Nigeria and now delivering to over seven countries, ‘Mall For Africa’ has quickly emerged as a trailblazer in the international e-commerce space.

After years of experience in the technology industry, co-founders Chris and Tope Folayan observed the changing commercial landscape and set out to design a full-service application that caters to the buying needs of the African shopper.

Mall for Africa has announced addition of cars from the United States to the long list of things it sells to its Nigerian customers. Over the years they have received tremendous interest from customers who have wanted to purchase cars, hence the need for that move.

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As a company they always strive to be the best and offer their customers items that would otherwise be unavailable. Customers in Nigeria can now purchase cars, in any color, with any feature they desire. The mall intend expanding the sale of US cars to 16 additional countries over the years.

With a few simple clicks, customers can pick out their dream car and request a quote from a reputable dealer in the United States. Both standard and luxury cars will be available including all makes and models from 2008 to present. All the customer need do is fill out a form with feature preferences and one of Mall for Africa’s USA-based expert car consultants will reply within one to two business days with a quote.

Mall for Africa optimizes shopping experience and makes shopping pleasurable for every customer. All you need to do is select whatever items you want, and buy it instantly online through their secure payment system.

The item is then shipped to the US/UK warehouse and they ship directly via trusted courier partners to your home, or can be picked up at any of their local pickup stations within days.  Products not readily available on the app are sourced for. The Mall for Africa app is a convenient, safe and fast way to purchase items directly from US & UK online stores.

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Why travel and shop, when you can do it all from the app? Shop on the sites you love without concerns of payment, delivery, customs, local customer service and returns. They take care of it all. You shop, they deliver. Mall for Africa is a shopping mall at your fingertips.

You can shop directly from 250 stores for the latest styles and genuine products. Get the shopping mall experience without leaving Africa. They permit local payments types creating room for one to buy from US/UK sites with local currency, locally issued cards and payment methods unique to African countries. Shop with the app that gives you all the confidence needed to buy and receive your international purchases.

A further advantage to shopping with Mall for Africa is the elimination of needless extra luggage charges. Gone are the days where customers would depend on the good will or convenience of relatives and friends coming into the country to get their purchased items delivered to them; or even having to deal with the challenges relating to purchases getting shipped to the wrong locations from where retrieval becomes an issue.

Furthermore Mall for Africa is able to give reduced shipping costs through its bulk purchase orders. The platform is able to deliver purchases way below quoted costs of online stores who have recently begun shipping directly to Nigeria. Customers have the option of home delivery or receive their goods through pick up points.

The platform currently has pickup locations in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Bayelsa and Warri with plans to expand to other cities soon. In spite of challenges with online trade in Africa the e-commerce giant, Mall For Africa,  proved its mettle by winning the Drapers Award for Innovation in Fashion at the 2018 Drapers Award ceremony in London. Are you looking for the safest, convenient, secure and fast way to purchase goods, Mall for Africa is the right one.