How To Deal With A Breakup: 4 Tips

Breakups hit hard! Whether you’re recovering from a good relationship or a bad one, it gets difficult to get over a person who you once thought was your soulmate. It might be a horrible end or you might have separated on mutual, amicable terms but you must understand that the relationship that you once nurtured to help grow is now dead and gone forever. You are heartbroken and the phase of withdrawal is disturbing but there is a process of healing. Though, there is no magic formula to cut off the pain but you can follow these 4 simple tips to ease out and move one with strength and grace.  

Dealing with a breakup

Block His Point of Contact

Block him from everywhere, I repeat BLOCK him! Do not offer him a chance to get back into your life and block him from everywhere, whether it’s Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Skype, his number from your home and unfollow him on Tumblr and Pinterest, too. Do it right away.

I would also recommend you to stay away from any social media platform until you find yourself to be emotionally balanced. Afterall you wouldn’t want to post some emotional breakup quotes and embarrass yourself later.

You need time and space to heal, and seeing him pop up on your Insta feed or Snapchat stories can trigger you to text him and retreat. So, it’s best you keep him blocked while you try and move on.  

Lean On Your Loved Ones

When you feel that you’re losing it, you can just ring your eldest and wisest confidant, who has the patience to listen to you and offer you some great advice. It can be anyone, from your mom, sister, brother, aunt to your best friend, flat mate, colleague. Don’t deter to tell them your exact state of mind – tell them how everything happened and cry to them while they listen to you and help you realize your worth.

You can also ask your best friend to come over for a night in and bring some snacks while you can binge watch romantic movies. Hang out with people who appreciate you for who you are and make you feel that you still matter.

how to deal with a breakup

Controlled Mourning

Don’t try to put up a strong front while you cry on the inside. Instead allow yourself to feel it all, cry hard and let the tornado of sentiments that’s brooding within you subside. Once you’re done with your mourning phase, pick yourself up and concentrate on moving to be a better self!

Turn your loss into a Learning

It’s not in your hold to alter the past but you can always learn from your experiences. Learning sums up an important part of the healing process. Yes, sometimes the lessons are hard learnt but it’ll in a way offer you a spiritual growth.

Hope these tips help!