Cuban Link Chain Buyers Guide (2019)

Let’s face it, if you want to be a REAL baller these days you’ve got to be rocking the Cuban Link Chain. Nothing says “gangsta” more than a thick, gleaming gold Cuban Link chain. Dress yourself up with jewellery. Do it in style with a Cuban link chain.

The Cuban link chain has it’s roots deeply embedded in US hip-hop culture. Also known as Miami Cuban links these chains first started becoming popular in the 1970’s when Latino gangster’s started wearing them in Florida. The hip-hop movement at the time took a liking to the bold and masculine style the Cuban link chain exuded and starting integrating these chains into their fashion.

Today, most hip-hop stalwarts consider the Cuban link chain to be an integral component of hip-hop fashion. It’s still common to see both young and old hip-hop icons adorning these chains. The major contemporary addition to Cuban link chain as been the “piece” as can be seen in the P Diddy pic below.

cuban link chain

Minor League Playa (under $100)

If you’re the type of homie hustlin’ for dimes and nickels then this category of Cuban Link Chain is for you. If your budget stretches to a maximum of $100 then this category is for you. For chump change, don’t expect to get a good quality Cuban link chain. You will however be able to buy something that looks good afar, but in terms of quality it will be far from good. no solid gold here. Hahaha.

CrazyPiercing 18K Gold Plated Chain

If you want a standard looking Cuban link chain and your budget is under $10 then this is a good option. This chain is made from environmentally friendly copper and is plated with 18K gold. It’s well polished, has a special lobster claw clasp and is nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free.

You can choose from the 19 and 24 inch options. This is a simple, stylish and classic Cuban link chain designed for those looking to exude a more traditional street style.

crazypiercing gold chain

U7 Chunky Cuban Link Chain

This hip-hop style chain comes in 3 different metal types; 18K gold plated, stainless steel and black-gun plated. It comes in four size options; 22, 26, 28, and 30 inches, depending on your size and how “hood” you want to look. It’s important to pick the right size for you as the weight of the chain will differ vastly.

This Cuban link chain is 0.5 inches thick which gives it a bolder appearance. The 22 inch chain weighs  185g, the 26  inch chain weighs 199g, the 28 inch chain weighs 235g and the 30 inch chain weighs 271g. The links of the chain sits close together in a streamlined fashion which may explain it’s top rated jewellery item on Amazon.

U7 cuban link chain

Iced Out 12mm 18K Gold Plated Chain

Looking for a tricked out chain that oozes style but won’t break the bank. This chain by Tripod Jewellery ticks the boxes. It’s 18K gold plated with VVS simulated lab encrusted diamonds. These diamonds are the closest looking to the real thing. It’s available in lengths ranging from 18 inches to 28 inches.

18k iced out cuban link chain

Lifetime Jewellery 9mm Chain

This is chain is a step up within this category as it’s 24K gold plated with inlaid bronze, which makes it look and feel like solid gold and is offered at a fraction of the cost. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee. The manufacturers also claim that the gold plating on this chain is 20 times thicker than on regular jewellery.

The chain comes in lengths ranging from 18 inches all the way through to 36 inches. The chains thickness is 9mm. Get yourself a chain that looks the real deal but doesn’t cost the earth.

lifetime jewellery cuban link chain

Major League Playa ($100 – $1,000)

For homies stepping up to the solid gold category. No gold plated nonsense here. This category is for serious ballers who want a chain which is going to look and feel legit. It’s from this category of chain that you can genuinely start to impress the beautiful women from all around the world. Be they Latino, African, American or Asian. These chains range in solid gold from 10K all the way up to the higher karats.

LOVEBLING 10K Solid Yellow Gold 3.5mm

If you’re looking for a big, bold, solid yellow gold (yo, that rhymed) Cuban link chain, this is your baby! LOVEBLING know how to design gangsta looking pieces of jewellery. It’s available in lengths ranging from 18 inches through to 30 inches.

lovebling 10k solid link chain

14K Solid Yellow Gold 3.8mm

Crafted from Real 14K solid gold and stamped for authenticity, this Italian Cuban chain is a great entry point into the sold gold chain market. Being 14K solid genuine gold this necklace is lead and nickel free and is ideal for those with sensitive skin. It comes in a variety of lengths from 18 inches all the way up to 30 inches.

14k solid gold cuban link chain

Bona Fide Baller! ($1,000 and up!)

You’ve made it in life. You never turn left on an aeroplane. Gulf Stream to you is a private jet company first and an ocean current second. Your jewellery insurance costs more than some peoples homes. Krug and Crystal are a regular guest at the parties you throw. This category is all about authenticity and quality. Besides looking good the chain must be solid gold cause you own so many that one day you may want to smelt them down into gold bars.

14K Solid Yellow Gold 5mm Chain

This chain is a step up from the one listed above. Instead of being 3.8mm thick it’s 5mm thick. It’s big, bold and heavy. You’ll need to do some neck exercises before you can don this chain. It’s made by the famous In Style Designz and comes in two sizes; 24 and 26 inches.

14k solid gold 5mm chain

14K Solid Yellow Gold 15mm Chain

There is no holding back with this baller piece of jewellery. Every link closely joined together with a full 14K of solid yellow gold. This classic looking Miami Cuban links will turn heads in the club and impress the homies on the street. You’ve got to gave the chedda to be able to afford this chain.

miami cuban link

14K Two-Tone Solid Gold 13.5mm

Is your style all about being flashy! Want to be the first person to get noticed when you enter a room? Want to catch peoples eyes from the glint of your chain? Then this “bonifide baller” piece is for you. 14K solid gold chain combined with some white paving make for one piece of jewellery. This chain by Decadence jewellery is made in Italy.

They really understand the manufacturing process of precious metal. Each Link is carefully designed to create that smooth continuous link. This chain is a statement piece. End of.

cuban link chain with paving

10K Yellow Gold Mens Round Diamond Chain

Super flashy. Super Fly. Not for a young, shy, retiring guy. You’ve got to be on top of your game if you want to rock this chain. 10K of of solid gold covered in diamonds, even Wiz Khalifa would be impressed by this chain.

10k solid gold chain with diamonds

Genuine 14K Yellow Gold 36 Inches Chain

This is the MacDaddy! The king of kings. 36 inches long, 22mm thick, and made of authentic 14K of yellow gold. It’s no surprise, this chain is heavy AF! This chain get’s shipped with an appraisal certificate, a stylish TraxNYC Box and a warranty to protect you from any problems that can arise down the line! If you want the most legit chain on the market, this is it!.

$50,000 cuban link chain